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Did you happen to overeat?

Well…guess what…

We did too!

It’s impossible to be perfect all the time.

And who would want to be anyway?

How boring would life be if you could NEVER enjoy a nice dinner or a night out with family or friends.

It’s ok to have high caloric meals every now and then – especially if it means making memories with the people you care most about.

It’s not this one meal that will set you back. It’s what you decide to do AFTER this event that will have the most impact.

Do not think that one day of overeating is going to ruin your progress. It might set you back the teeniest tiniest bit, but it certainly won’t undo weeks’ worth of hard work. Just the same as skipping a meal won’t magically get you to your goal

As you can see from the image, if you get straight back on track, your average calories would work out to be the exact same as if you decided to binge and restrict.

Living most of your days on such a restricted amount of calories to make up for the constant increase in calories is not fun. Even if you are able to sustain that approach, it won’t be long term and the restricted days end up getting less and less frequent and the binge days get become more and more frequent until your average calories surpass your maintenance calories and all of a sudden instead of losing weight, you’re now gaining it!

The only way to deal with an increase in calories is to get straight back on track and forget that it ever happened.

You don’t need to “recover” or “fix” or “punish” yourself for living life.

All you did was eat a bit more than usual and all you have to do is get back on track with your next meal.

Acknowledge it.

Get okay with it.

Get back on track.