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The principle of how your body loses, gains, & maintains weight is actually pretty simple…

🤗 Weight Loss: You burn more calories than you eat, creating a calorie deficit.

😐 Weight Maintenance: You burn the same amount of calories that you eat, creating an energy balance.

😲 Weight Gain: You burn less calories than you eat, creating a calorie surplus.

In a nutshell, that’s the basic science of how energy balance works!

Simple right?!?

However, Just because energy balance is fairly straightforward…doesn’t necessarily make losing weight easy.

Weight loss is HARD.

Let’s imagine you had directions to get from Perth to Bunbury but no car to get there.

Just because you have the directions, doesn’t mean that physically arriving to your destination will be easy.

The same concept applies to energy balance…

While it’s true that a calorie deficit is the key to losing weight, CREATING that deficit & sticking to it consistently is the hard part.

Our advice…we are all different and we respond differently to various foods and meal plans, so you need to experiment and find what works for you (LONG TERM!).

However, it’s exercise that is the glue that holds it all together and it is so important to stick to a regular exercise routine for both the physical and psychological benefits that it provides.

So remember, just because this principle is simple and straightforward, it still doesn’t make it easy.

Be patient, don’t be too hard on yourself, and don’t give up…you’ve got this!