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NEVER forget that you are ALWAYS in for control of the hand that feeds you.

We know that sometimes you might feel like you are possessed, but you have to remember that you are in full control, always.

And even if you happen to ‘lose’ that control for a day, or a meal, it doesn’t matter! It’s not that one day or meal that will stop you from achieving your goals. It’s how you proceed AFTER that day or meal that will.

DO NOT let that slip up linger.

Ok, so you slipped up. We all do! You will never be perfect. It’s how you manage those slip ups that will make all the difference.

So how do we manage them?

You have to move on! It was what it was, the past is the past. You wake up the next day or you eat your next meal as if nothing happened. You have to stop the slip up in it’s tracks and get straight back into routine as soon as you can.

And as the image says…you are never more than ONE CHOICE AWAY from being back on track!