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The scale can be a great tool to assess whether or not you’re making progress.


The question you need to first ask yourself…

Are YOU a good fit to use the scale?

Before we say anything else, we want to reiterate the fact that the number the scale shows is just that…a number! It’s meant to be used as a data point to track progress over time.

Next, you must be aware that there are many causes of scale weight fluctuation. If you decide to use the scale, you MUST NOT get wrapped up in the day to day changes you will inevitably see.

However, for some of you, we know that just the thought of getting on the scale makes you panic.

If you find that you dread the scale, loathe the thought of it, and find that the number it shows impacts you emotionally…then using it may not be the best option.

If this is you, it’s simply not worth it right now.

However, if your relationship with the scale is one that is positive, or at least semi-neutral, and there is no negative mental/psychological effect from weighing yourself, we absolutely recommend using it in some capacity.

If you decide that the scale isn’t for you, remember that there are plenty of other ways to measure progress such as:

✅ Circumference Measurements
✅ The Mirror
✅ How Clothes Are Fitting
✅ Performance In The Gym
✅ How you feel
✅ Etc.

All are perfectly viable choices that might be better suited for you.

The big takeaway here…

If you don’t like using the scale, don’t use it! Just find another way to measure your progress!