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Right now, as human beings on planet Earth, we are currently fighting a war on two major fronts. The first is a physical war that war we are fighting against COVID-19 and the second is a psychological one. We have never been faced with such a crisis in our lifetime and as a community, as a nation, as a planet, we need to band together and win these wars. The rules of engagement for the physical war are quite simple. We need to keep our body’s fit, strong and healthy in order to keep our immune systems strong. With gyms closed around the nation, we need to think outside the box and continue – or begin – our exercise routine. Even though your gym is closed, there are so many different options to keep your body moving as well as some great opportunities to involve the kids or get outdoors. When it comes to exercise, convenience has always been a priority for most of us. If it’s not convenient, it’s unlikely we will stick to the program for very long. Nothing can be more convenient than being able to follow an instructor lead exercise program in your own home. This also provides a fantastic opportunity to involve your partner and children in your exercise journey. Your family needs structure and exercise just as much as you do and building your daily routine around an exercise session is a fantastic way to provide them with that. It also allows you to put the phones and laptops away and come together as a family while keeping your body’s fit and healthy.

The psychological war we are fighting is a little more complicated than the physical one as there are more variables contributing to our mental health during this time of isolation and uncertainty. However, just because we are faced with such trying times, does not mean the principles of how we look after our mental health have changed. If anything, they should be reinforced.  Our bodies and minds are no different during this COVID-19 crisis as to what they were before or what they will be after this crisis has ended. We have to continue to apply the same strong, evidence supported methodology that researchers have worked so hard to provide us with, and exercise plays a crucial role in that formula. The positive influence that exercise has on our mental health is undeniable and has been well documented through numerous studies over many years. These studies show that for treating mild to moderate depression and anxiety, exercise can be as effective as therapy and medication. Exercise has also been shown to prevent the onset of these mental health issues occurring in the first place. Something that is happening to a lot of us at the moment is that we are not sleeping very well. Exercise is a proven method to help us sleep better which will help you feel more energised during the day which in turn will help you to cope better under the daily stresses that life during COVID-19 presents.

Exercise is our atomic bomb during this COVID-19 crisis. We must use it in order to win the war.