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Your weight (or mass) on the scales will fluctuate day to day (even hour to hour)

Not maybe.

Not likely.

It WILL fluctuate.

It has NOTHING to do with fat.

It could be that you ate more salt than normal…

Or that you had a bit more food than normal…

Or that you had a harder-than-normal workout…

Or it could be based on your menstrual cycle…

Or you simply just drank more water.

Again, it has NOTHING to do with gaining or losing fat.

Because fat loss doesn’t happen overnight.

It happens slowly over the course of weeks and months.

What DOES matter is the trend of how your weight changes over the course of weeks and months.

If your weight is trending downward over time, it’s a good sign that you’re losing fat and making progress.

Unfortunately most of us don’t have the time or the money to go and get a DEXA scan every week to see how our body fat is trending so we rely on the trusty ol’ scales to tell us how we’re going.

They are perfectly fine to use, we use it with clients all the time. BUT just remember that the scale doesn’t tell the full story…

To put it into perspective…let’s pretend we put you into a room where all you could see was the NUMBER on the scale but not what was ACTUALLY PUT ON the scale. We then put 5kg’s of feathers on the scale and asked you to tell us what you saw.

You would tell us that the scale went up by 5kg’s.

We then put 5kg’s of rocks on the scale and asked you what you saw. You would report the same..the scales went up by 5kg’s!

Both look extremely different but you have no way of telling what it was that was on the scale.

In other words, when you weight yourself on the scales, you have absolutely no idea what body matter is stepping onto the scale.

You can’t see into your body. It could be feathers or rocks! There is no way of determining what has gone on inside you by looking at a number.

So in summary, don’t be afraid of using the scale. Just appreciate that the figure you see can fluctuate. Don’t be put off by that. If you’re consistent and dedicated, your weight loss goal WILL be achieved and the scales WILL be down in the end!