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Most diets are so restrictive that they are almost impossible to see through to the end. They all have a common underlying theme that is overshadowed by the diet’s clever marketing concept. This common theme is the reason why almost all diets work short term and unfortunately also why they don’t work long term.

Every single diet is low in calories.

Diets don’t include McDonald’s.

Almost all diets include plenty of whole foods.

Too many of us get sucked into joining the latest diet program or purchasing expensive dietary supplements to lose weight. Whilst you will see some good results at the start, most people will eventually give up on the diet because it is both too restrictive and unrealistic or it is too expensive.

A flexible, well-rounded diet plan can teach you how to eat well and give you a jump-start toward meeting your goals.

At the end of the day, your goal should be to be able to live in the ‘real world’ and make informed decisions in every situation you might find yourself in. Too many diet plans are designed for TEMPORARY results. The only way to achieve LONG-TERM results is through education and knowledge and following principles that can be maintained for a lifetime.

Any diet plan you decide to follow that creates a calorie deficit will result in weight loss. This is because whether you are on low carbs, shakes, soups, lemons or any other fad diet with a seductive concept, you are ultimately restricting the number of calories you consume, resulting in a loss of fat.

The formula for losing weight is very simple: Consume fewer calories than you expend! The bigger the difference, the more weight you will lose. Remember, as long as you consume fewer calories than you burn, your body will have no choice but to break down it’s supplies (your body fat) to ensure your survival. Simple.

Once you understand the fundamentals of weight loss, you will be in a much better position to choose an eating plan that suits your needs. And once you have the power of knowledge, the marketing gimmicks will become transparent and the promises of quick results will become empty.