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Ask your child this question…

Who wins the race…the tortoise or the hare?

Your child will give you this funny look saying…”ummm, you’re an adult, you should know the answer to that question! Slow and steady wins the race, obviously”. 🤦

As ADULTS, we can sometimes overcomplicate things and as HUMANS we want things yesterday.

This is a dangerous combination when it comes to weight loss or even improving ourselves. We just aren’t willing to put in the work because we feel it should be easy and quick!

Unfortunately, it’s not.

If it took you 5 YEARS to put on the weight, don’t expect it to take you 5 WEEKS to lose it all.

And if you go into your weight loss journey using a ‘quick fix’ approach, chances are you won’t see it through to the end.

In 20 years of coaching people wanting to lose weight and get healthy, the only ones I have seen keep it off and actually GET healthy are the ones that made permanent and sustainable changes to their LIFESTYLE.

I have seen people undertake every quick fix method under the sun with the promise “I’ll just do this for 8 weeks for a quick start and then I will make more sustainable lifestyle changes after that”…

That NEVER happens. And in my 20 years I have NEVER seen it happen. Please don’t think your journey will be different!

The only way to lose weight AND keep it off and improve your health, is by making small but meaningful, gradual but sustainable changes to your lifestyle – whatever that means for you.

And if the results are coming slowly…good! It means that your method is sustainable and you will have a much higher chance of achieving your goal in the end.