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It’s that awkward time of year where we’re kind of back into routine…but kind of not.

We tend to still have some bad habits lingering around from the festive season that we haven’t quite broken. AND THAT’S OK!

Come the 1st Jan, most of us set well intended ‘new year, new me’ goals where we are going to commit to an exercise program and a healthy diet. BUT, unfortunately most of us also have this strange mentality of “I let myself down and made a poor food choice today / tonight. Since my ‘new year, new me diet’ is ruined, I may as well just eat whatever I want and then start fresh on Monday” (this is on Thursday night!).

This is a very dangerous mentality to have because that one meal that you may have not made the best choice for isn’t the thing that will throw you off course and undo the great choices you made up to this point. It’s the days of poor eating that follow that are hard to come back from. The best way to think of it is like this…

You are walking down the street holding your new iPhone and slips out of your hand and lands face down the road. Your heart skips a beat as you bend down to pick it up praying that the screen has not smashed. You turn the screen over and to your amazement the screen is perfectly in tact. Now you are faced with a decision…what do you do next? The rational answer would be to pick your phone back up and continue walking, trying your best to not drop your phone again. The irrational answer is to stomp on your phone with your heel until the screen does smash – which is ridiculous! No one would actually do that. So why would we do this to our bodies?

This analogy is the same one that can be applied to what happened when you ate something that wasn’t part of your eating plan on Thursday night. The rational thought process should be “Ok, I didn’t eat what I was supposed to but come tomorrow morning I will get straight back on track” – this is picking your phone back up and moving on. The irrational thought process that too many of us have is “I let myself down and made a poor food choice tonight. Since my diet is ruined, I may as well just eat whatever I want and then start fresh on Monday – this is stomping on your phone until it breaks.

It is very easy to lose perspective when we are in the moment. Just remember that you are ALWAYS in full control of your hand and what you decide to put into your mouth. We all have slip ups. It is impossible to be perfect – especially at this time of year when our routine isn’t quite back to normal. Just remember that you don’t have to wait until ‘Monday’ to take that control back! Take it back at the very first opportunity – which is straight after your slip up!