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Nic “NP” Petrillo


I joined bmb was because of my wife. She knew I had to do something and that something was lose weight and get fit. My goals when joining were to lose weight, build confidence and build core strength to help in every day life.

How bmb helped achieved my goals was by creating an environment with similar like people also known as the “BMB Family” so that you don’t feel intimidated when you’re here exercising and also the high intensity classes makes it very attractive for me as im very time poor. You think 30 minites isn’t enough and make any affect but it really really is! It’s a totally different way to exercise and one that I wasn’t used to.

Ive managed to get down to my goals weight of 85 kilos.. I’ve managed to drop my shirt size down from a 3XL to a large and also, the most important thing, mentally, it’s helped me with my confidence to tackle things that I normally wouldn’t do!

After a year at BMB, I now look forward to coming to classes which I never thought I would! Even at the coldest 6am morning, I still look forward to coming down and seeing everyone and exercising with them as it’s a great start to my day and can only lead to positive outcomes.

My message to everyone is that you can achieve your goals without having to sacrifice your life style! You can incorporate getting fit and losing weight in your every day plan! So if I can do that, ANYONE is able to!