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Deb “Debo” MacIntyre


I literally jump out of bed on the days I have training at bodyMbrace. There’s such an awesome, organic energy at the studio. I love it! Even though the guys push me and train me hard, the atmosphere is one of encouragement and support. You’re not just a client at bodyMbrace, you are part of the family. In 14 weeks I have lost 13kgs and over 6% body fat! I feel amazing and have so much energy. Their approach is very holistic from exercise, to diet, to promoting healthy lifestyle choices. From someone who had no energy and was suffering severe symptoms of peri-menopause to someone now who is full of energy and vitality, building lean muscle and getting stronger and leaner every day! I recently turned 50 and am looking forward to the next 50+ years of my life. FEELING AWESOME!