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We can’t use this word enough. Whether you’re trying to gain weight, lose weight, lower your blood pressure or just get fitter….. you must stay CONSISTENT to see results.

The most common thing we hear when it comes to weight loss is “I’m good during the week, but struggle on the weekends”. After breaking them down a little bit, we also get them to admit that the choccy cupboard also gets a cheeky visit late at night during the week.

NOW if you are only “good” during the 7am-5pm range from Monday to Friday, that’s only 29% of your entire week. Then let’s throw in sleep – Let’s say you’re sleeping 8 hours a night 7 days a week, that’s about 33% of your week.

That leaves us with 38% of your week that you are inconsistent and eating crap.

Can you TRULY expect to see results if 38% of your week is spent picking, munching and shoving junk down your hatch? Can you TRULY expect to see results if you’re eating a shit ton of sugar at night causing a rapid rise and fall in insulin, disrupting your INCREDIBLY important sleep cycle??

Now that leaves us with the 29% of your week where you’re “good”. You had a crappy nights sleep because of the sugar rush before bed. You feel guilty for your behaviour and you overall just feel like crap. You look at your salad, and suddenly a salad becomes a chore. But you force it down anyways. You force yourself to eat cucumbers and lettuce during the day in an attempt to cancel out the bad weekend, and the chocolate raid the night before. Well guess what, your brain doesn’t give a shit. It’s been starved all day after having a surge of calories the night before, the weekend before. Good luck when you get home, because that choccy cupboard is going to take over that will power you thought you had built up all day long. So really, how “good” is this 29% after all, when you’re just setting yourself up for disaster?

And that, folks, is your typical yo-yo dieter who never sees results. 400 calories during the day, 2500 at night, and 10,000 down the hatch on the weekend.

So, be honest with yourself if you’re beating yourself up from not seeing results. Are you truly, TRULY staying consistent and committed to creating new habits? Are you truly committed to your journey? Think about it! ?