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Our philosophy when it comes to diet is 90% clean, whole foods with an allowance to treat yourself every now and then. This is what we tell all our clients with hopes that they know how to moderate that last 10 percent.

The 90% part is actually quite easy if you’re always prepared. It’s the 10% that’s difficult, especially if you’re full on addicted to salt, fat, alcohol or sugar. So how do we fix this? How do we prevent metabolically catastrophic events like the one in the photo?

Unfortunately, it’s not a once size fits all approach. Some people have such a full blown addiction, that they need to completely abstain from something like sugar for a long period of time before they can reintroduce it into their diet. This allows your brain time to reconstruct new neuropathways that aren’t based on addiction. Some people need to abstain to realize how good they feel when that crap isn’t in their body, and they physically get sick when they try to do it again.

Then there’s some people who just get it right away. Typically, they never had an addiction or full on binge episodes, they just regularly overate. These people tend to achieve balance quickly.

So what does this mean for you? Well that’s your job. Do you need to abstain before you can moderate? Can you control yourself or are you like a child who gets told they can’t play with a certain toy (and then they want it even more)?

If you’re addicted to food (to the point where it makes you sick), before you even attempt to moderate (it probably won’t work), you need to get control of what’s happening up top ?. You have to understand that it’s not normal, and it sits under the umbrella of disordered eating. Whatever that means for you- it’s like any kind of addiction. Making sure triggers aren’t around you, abstaining, asking for help and even seeing the appropriate therapist can be of great help. It’s nothing to be ashamed of! Packaged food has been scientifically modified to keep us addicted and if you have fallen victim, it’s time to figure out how you’re going to treat that ❤️