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After we completed a full body analysis of over 60 people on Saturday, we discovered a few common denominators and areas that can be improved. One of those, was muscle mass!

Most of the folks who weighed in were women, so naturally, muscle mass is going to be on the lower end. HOWEVER, that does not mean it can’t be manipulated.

The science of building muscle is quite simple. And YES you can burn fat at the same time if you are eating properly balanced macronutrients while remaining in a slight caloric deficit. Ladies, don’t be afraid; research shows that the average woman who is very CONSISTENT with resistance training will only gain about 450-600 grams of muscle in a 5 month period. That decreases as we age.

Really want to up the fat burning process while still maintaining muscle? HIIT Cardio is your friend! It is proven that this is the most beneficial form of cardio that will help maintain that lean muscle you worked so hard for. Aim for 2-3 sessions per week. But please make sure you EAT!!!! The higher the output, the more you must eat. Keep the diet controlled, consistent and always in a slight deficit. ?