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When I did my first class I couldn't believe the amount of encouragement, and love and affection that i received form every single member

- Lizze

I am a mother of two boys and Body MBrace has helped me take back the control of my health for not only myself, but for my boys as well

- Sara

Since joining Body MBrace, my outlook on life as well as health and fitness has changed dramatically

- Christine

You guys are amazing and what you do is truly life changing for those who choose to embrace the change

- Jo

I know I get the job during the 30 minutes because I my heart rate is being monitored by the trainers the whole way through each session

- James

Body MBrace radiates happiness and empowerment and I knew when I first walked through the doors that this was the place I needed to be to achieve my goals.

- Claudia

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Our Mission

At Body MBrace we are 100 per cent focussed on helping our members reach their weight loss and fitness goals.

We cut through the diet clutter and ignore the latest miracle exercise trends in favour of a scientific based approach to exercise and healthy eating that actually works.

It’s about long-term, sustainable change from exercise and nutrition that you can incorporate into a busy lifestyle.

Become part of a true fitness community that motivates and inspires you to achieve incredible results.

Our BMB Bites nutrition app completely takes the stress out of healthy eating and complements our exercise program to guarantee weight loss results.

Before you take your first group class, we will take you through one-on-one cardio and toning induction sessions to make sure you are comfortable and know exactly what to expect in our sessions.

Let our heart rate monitored training take the guesswork out of your workouts.

About Us

Body MBrace studios in Morley and Bedford are Perth’s premier small group and personal training facilities.

Since opening our first boutique fitness studio in 2010, we’ve been creating headlines and transforming lives with our unique, and scientifically based training methods.

We have shaped the Body MBrace studio spaces into a microcosm of how life should be. Healthy, happy, honest and easy.

Ask any member and they’ll tell you Body MBrace gyms are the most welcoming, supportive and friendly environment they’ve ever exercised in. We know every member by name and are there to celebrate your weight loss and fitness milestones as well as having your back when times get tough.

By combining the latest heart monitoring technology with cutting-edge fitness training and expert health and wellbeing advice we deliver a truly different gym experience that ensures no one gets lost in the crowd. Our exercise program and nutrition app completely take the guesswork out of achieving your results. We cater for everybody, regardless of fitness level or exercise experience.

Free Consultation

If you are unsure about how our program help you achieve your results or if you just want to know more about what it is that we do and why we achieve such incredible results with our clients, please click here to book in your free consultation - Click here to get started

Our Services

We specialise in Small Group Training, Personal Training and Weight Loss Accountability Sessions to help keep you motivated and on track. With a focus on treating members as individuals and creating a genuine, family atmosphere, we offer the support and sense of belonging big gyms can’t match.

Small Group Training

At Body MBrace we run 30 minute High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT sessions. Classes incorporate short, sharp bursts of cardio or toning exercises – anywhere between 20 and 90 seconds - during which you push yourself to the max. HITT burns more calories than other forms of exercise and gives your metabolism a boost which lasts up to 24-48 hours after you train. During each class our trainers encourage you to hit your personal heart rate zones helping you to achieve your goals quicker and easier than ever.

Personal Training

Our inspiring and knowledgeable Body MBrace trainers can tailor an exercise program specifically for you. Personal Training sessions incorporating traditional and innovative exercises are designed to keep you challenged and motivated. We monitor your progress and adjust your program in line with your fitness level and abilities and provide ongoing education and practical advice to help you reach your health and fitness goals. Most importantly, we make sure sessions are enjoyable so you’ll truly love to train.

Accountability Program

The Weight Loss Accountability Program is just that…a program that will hold you more accountable to achieving your weight loss results! Weight loss essentially comes down to the balance of calories consumed VS calories burned. This program will give you all of the tools that you will need to achieve this balance. The way the program is designed will allow you to see your own progress in real time, help you learn where you may be slipping and assist you in finding a way to make your diet work for you.

As Seen On Today Tonight

From counting points and home-delivered calorie-controlled meals to 12-week body transformation programs, Lizze had tried everything to lose weight.

Plagued by an ongoing internal negative monologue, Lizze was constantly physically and mentally drained by her weight and the ineffectiveness of everything she tried to lose it.

Covered by Today Tonight, this is her amazing story of perseverance and self discipline that ultimately lead to her losing over half her bodyweight in under two years.

Free Consultation

If you are sick and tired of ineffective fad diets, cold, impersonal gyms and never achieving your health and fitness goals, come and talk to the team at Body MBrace.

But you can forget about the pushy sales spiel and unrealistic promises.

At our gyms in Bedford and Morley, we genuinely take the time to listen to your personal fitness and weight-loss story and explain how our realistic approach to training and nutrition can deliver the results you’re looking for.

Its all about ensuring Body MBrace is the right fit for you and that you feel comfortable and excited about joining our fitness family.

If you are ready to try a different approach to weight loss and exercise, then please fill in this form.

We can’t wait to meet you!