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HIIT Classes


Small group high intensity classes at our boutique studios in Morley and Bedford


Our 30-minute HIIT classes are made up of short, sharp bursts of cardio or toning exercises during which you push yourself to the max.

This means you burn more calories and benefit from a massive metabolism boost which lasts for up to 48 hours after you train.

Sessions run for 30 minutes which means you get in, get it done and leave feeling awesome.

During each class our trainers encourage you to hit specific heart rate zone targets using the innovative Myzone © monitoring system.

At Body MBrace there’s no guess work when it comes to workouts and that’s why we deliver results.

Our exercise program is designed and developed by an Exercise Physiologist so you can be sure that you are getting the most effective and up to date workout.

Time to get a taste of small group training at Body MBrace.

Learn About HIIT

What Is HIIT And What Are The Benefits?

What Is HIIT And What Are The Benefits?

What is HIIT? HIIT is a form of anaerobic exercise (short duration, high intensity exercise) that helps you quickly use up your glycogen (carbohydrate) stores so that your body starts to burn fat for fuel. It involves any exercise that allows you to expend a large...

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The 2 Main Types Of Exercise

The 2 Main Types Of Exercise

There are two main categories of exercise. The first is aerobic or ‘cardio’ exercise. This is any activity that uses large muscle groups to raise your heart rate to at least above 50% of your maximum for a sustained period of time. Examples include, walking, jogging,...

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HIIT Vs Steady State Exercise

HIIT Vs Steady State Exercise

High intensity interval training vs. Low intensity steady state cardio ??‍♂️??‍♀️ During the sessions at BMB, our clients perform exercises that utilize their entire body at an individual intensity that is designed to stimulate their metabolism. After they complete...

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You guys are amazing and what you do is truly life changing for those who choose to embrace the change– Jo
I know I get the job during the 30 minutes because I my heart rate is being monitored by the trainers the whole way through each session– James
Body MBrace radiates happiness and empowerment and I knew when I first walked through the doors that this was the place I needed to be to achieve my goals.– Claudia
When I did my first class I couldn’t believe the amount of encouragement, and love and affection that i received form every single member– Lizze
I am a mother of two boys and Body MBrace has helped me take back the control of my health for not only myself, but for my boys as well– Sara
Since joining Body MBrace, my outlook on life as well as health and fitness has changed dramatically– Christine

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