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Who are you when nobody is watching?

Most of us go about our day, interacting with other humans, putting on our best face (or the face we think we need to put on to impress others), trying to make the best choices for ourselves – so on and so forth. We speak about the highlights of our life and even sometimes put down others in order to boost our ego. But when you come home at night, who are you?

Are you saying to yourself … “I’m too tired to cook, I’m ordering takeout” even though you raved to Susan just hours earlier about how good you feel when you eat healthy? Are you saying “I’m too tired to do the dishes” even though you rave to Karen how amazing your gym is and how much energy you have? Are you saying “Can you all just f*** off?!” as soon as you park your butt on the couch when you were bragging to Beatrice how incredible your family and husband are? Are you hiding in your room with a packet of tim tams even though “You have no idea why you’re gaining weight”? Are you talking crap about Sarah Smith with your dream body? Are you saying to Karen “she must be starving herself, omg she’s probably so miserable and depressed”, but you find yourself scrolling through Sarah Smith’s Instagram profile late at night, desperately searching for her diet secrets (while eating your 3rd pack of Tim Tams ? )?

Who you are when nobody is watching defines your true character. It defines the choices you make. It defines how you treat others. It defines how you speak about others. But most importantly, it defines how you feel about YOURSELF and that reflection that stares back at you every day. It defines how, if and when you take care of yourself. In our world of fitness and health, it defines whether you are going to take the responsibility for your own wellness or not – and it alllllll starts up here. Do you like that person staring back at you – do you really, truly like that person? If not…. there’s only one person that has the power to change that. Guess who ?