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It’s really simple. In order to lose weight, you must be in a calorie deficit and you must move your body more.

What’s the difference between weight loss in dogs and humans? We have our mind standing in the way. We have access to any kind of food that we want. We have emotions that make us feel as if eating a whole bag of Doritos will make us feel better.

However when your dog needs to lose weight, you simply stop giving him mindless snacks, you reduce his portion size and you take him for more walks. If he cries for more food you tell him to shush! This principle works the exact same way for humans.

All of these “diets” work the same way – they put you in a calorie deficit. There’s no magic in keto or intermittent fasting. If you swap your diet for whole, unprocessed foods, quit the snacking, reduce your portion size and move more, you WILL lose weight. Scientific research has proved this over and over and over again.

And by the way, your calorie deficit doesn’t have to be that significant to see results – it just has to be consistent. Anything over a 20% deficit from your total daily energy expenditure is considered aggressive and likely unsustainable aka you’ll gain all the weight back. (Not for all people, some people do quite well with an aggressive approach. But they seem to be few and far between)

It’s not rocket science- the diet isn’t the hard part. It’s the mind and the lack of discipline that makes it difficult. It’s up to you to seek the appropriate way to manage these things that are going to stand in your way on your weight loss journey.