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Vegetables, noodles, and protein… how bad can it be? Pretty bad. HEAPS of cheap oil, fatty meat and low quality noodles. And maybe a palm-ful of veggies. Remember, restaurants have to make a profit too- don’t count on them using premium ingredients. Not only that, they want you to come back. That calls for adding ALL the crap to make it taste amaze-balls. Hello MSG!

On top of that, the portion sizes are massive. You may be thinking, “there’s no way I could eat THAT much!”. Well yes, because we are posting this picture at 9am, mid-week. When do people typically order takeout? When they are tired, lazy and can’t be bothered to even move. Blood sugar is low…. so what happens? Overeating! It takes much longer to feel satiated unless you eat very slowly (not likely to happen).

Takeout is dangerous on its own, and it’s even more dangerous when you’re tired, crashing at the end of the day and couldn’t give an eff about your health and wellness goals.

Solution? Prepare ahead and freeze!! Have you tried cooking big batches of chicken breast, portioning then into baggies and popping them into the freezer? The same can be done with rice and many other protein and carbohydrate options. Long day? Pull it out, quickly defrost, chop up some veggies and voila!

As far as takeout goes; if you want to lose body fat… well just don’t eat it. Is 15 minutes of MSG overload more important than your health? Lots of yummy Asian dishes can be made at home with much cleaner, high quality ingredients. ??