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The holiday season is the perfect time to reflect on everything that you’re grateful for. When you really break it down, think about how lucky we are. Gathering of friends and family with plentiful feasts, laughs, quality time, story telling, the excitement of children on holidays…. it goes on and on. Have you ever truly sat back and thought about how amazing that is? A meal with a roof over your head shared with people you love. A car to get you there. A stove to cook your food. A shower to use before you head out. We are truly gifted with an amazing life that many people around the world could only dream of.?

Further from that, take a look within yourself this holiday season and really take into account all the things that you often forget about – the things that aren’t material. Your health that keeps you moving and the time spent doing all the things you love doing. Two of the most precious gifts in life. Have you ever thought about how you utilize those two gifts??

I think we can all agree that time flies. Really, really fast. Do you want to spend that precious time looking in the mirror hating your body? Doubtful. First of all, no matter what your shape or size is, be thankful for the healthy body that’s keeping you alive. Be thankful for a beating heart and a thriving brain. They are such unique, intricate mechanisms that we need to learn to appreciate. Secondly, do something about it. If you hate your body that much, make a choice and stop wasting any more time.⏰

Chances are, if you’re overweight, or even underweight, you’ve been attached to some unhealthy diet and lifestyle habits. If that’s the case, remember the quote in the photo. Don’t waste any more time, and stop putting your health in jeopardy. They are gifts that can be stripped from us so quickly.?

Make the choice to embrace time and health now. It’s not like an iPhone, you can’t break it and get a new one. Time won’t stop for you and you don’t get to trade in your health for a newer, better model.?

It’s that perfect time of year to reflect on what means most to you. Time and health should be on the top of your list. Next time you’re feeling down, remember those two things and remind yourself not to take them for granted. You always have a choice to reframe your mindset. ?

As Ace of Base once said…. it’s a beautiful life!! ?