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Overeaters anonymous. We’re talking to you here. Now we’ve used these analogies with children to put or own, adult, irrational thoughts into perspective. If you don’t have children, picture your niece, nephew or a close little one coming up to you saying these things. And truly think about how you would respond.

If a child came up to you and said “I failed a test, so I’m a failure in life” how would you respond? If your child told you they were addicted to something that they need in their every day life(in their case, technology, in our case, food), how would you respond? And most ridiculously of all, what do you think of a child who thinks brushing their teeth 7 times in one night is going to set them up for success for the rest of the week? That would probably just make you laugh!

Well here’s the truth, the stories you’re telling yourself about your relationship with food sounds just as irrational as common silly things that come out of a child’s mouth.

The thing is, if they feel like a failure, you tell them to pick themselves back up. If they want to brush their teeth 7 times in one night, you explain to them that a proper routine doesn’t really work that way. If they’re addicted to social media, you will come to an agreement on how this behaviour can be adjusted to live a more fruitful and fulfilling life.

So why aren’t you treating yourself with that kind of love and respect? You do it for others, you do it for your kids, so why aren’t you doing it for yourself?

Here’s life’s most beautiful secret – put your own well being, your own self love and your own mental health as number one on your to do list EVERY bloody day. Not only will you be happier, but you become a better person for the ones you love the most. ❤️ tag