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Unless you’re a celiac or have a gluten intolerance, there’s no reason why you should be avoiding whole grains.

You may remember about 20 years ago when everything on the shelf was “low fat”. Times have changed, and so have our shelves. We are now seeing “low carb” and “gluten free” more than ever. We’re here to tell you that you CAN eat bread, you CAN eat rice and you CAN eat pasta. Gluten is NOT BAD unless you have an underlying autoimmune or digestive disorder. However, in addition to that, you should certainly be opting for whole grains instead of highly processed white rubbish. Why?

Refined grains have undoubtedly been linked to chronic inflammation and obesity. Minimally refined whole grains have never been linked to any chronic disease or disorder. Processed white grains have been stripped of all their micronutrients and fibre. To put it into perspective, do you ever wonder why people say whole fruit is ok but fruit juice is no good? Same reason as bread. White bread will send your blood sugar sky high without any micronutrients or fibre to show down the shuffle of food into the blood stream. Just like fruit juice, white bread has been stripped of all the good stuff, and processed with a bunch of crap (ahem, sugar). We’re not kidding when we say dirt probably has more nutrients than white bread.

Here are some other benefits you can reap from consuming whole grains: ✔️Reduced risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, obesity and high blood pressure. ✔️Great source of vitamins and minerals: B vitamins, thiacin, folate, thiamin, zinc, magnesium, manganese, copper, phosphorus and iron. ✔️Plant compounds that help prevent disease: lignans, stanols and sterols. ✔️Can reduce inflammation and digestive issues from prebiotics and fibre found in the wheat germ.

Make sure you do your research before you eliminate a complete food group from your diet. Also, be sure to read the labels of anything “whole grain” as often times, this term will be used to trick you. The less ingredients the better- and if you can’t pronounce a word in the ingredients, look for something else.