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The successful dieters are back with three more tips! . Successful dieters rarely step on the scale. Especially considering most successful dieters are a healthy weight, they know better than to attribute progress to a number on a scale. Successful dieters tend to go by how they feel and how their clothes fit. For those that are on a steady weight loss journey, please remember that if you are losing quite quickly, you WILL plateau. Weight loss is not a linear process. Push through those plateaus and don’t change a thing, and especially, don’t drop your calories any further. Just relax, and enjoy the process of your body trying to protect you ?

Successful dieters are usually prepared so they don’t even have to think twice about what’s for lunch or panic because they’ve let themselves starve. Just like we preach to our children, successful dieters eat their breakfast, pack a healthy lunch with snacks, and eat a well portioned dinner.

Successful dieters are in tune with leptin and ghrelin; the two hormones we are built with to tell us when we’re hungry and when we are full. If you are on a weight loss journey, chances are these hormones are very distorted. We may need to re-teach your body what proper portions look like but eventually, it’s ideal to toss the food scales and simply get in touch with hunger and fullness once again WHILE practicing portion control.

These practices tend to make life so much easier for the successful dieter – which leaves them with less stress and panic. The less stress and panic you have, the easier the weight comes off and STAYS off. If you are stressed about your weight loss program, we can guarantee that once you lose the weight, it will come right back on. Make it work for you, and make it sustainable for the long run.