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So the other day I posed a question to the 3 other trainers – the question was “Think of your most successful clients who have lost a significant amount of body fat, and kept it off. What 3 things do they possess that you think are the strongest contributors to their success?”

Note, I said “things”. There was no specific guideline on what “things” meant. However, you’ll see that all 4 of us naturally gravitated to a specific area of fat loss that has nothing to do with macros, protein amount, low carbs or meal timing. Here are the answers:


  1. Prioritizing exercise. Never missing a session.
  2. Routined in their every day life
  3. Prepared, always thinking ahead, and never getting caught out


  1. Honesty (with themselves and us)
  2. Adherence
  3. Balance


  1. Choice
  2. Consistency
  3. Being realistic

And finally, my take:


  1. Prioritizing exercise. Exercising smarter, not harder.
  2. Balanced and honest with their “treats”.
  3. Consistent positive attitude. Moods don’t generally yo-yo.

So… going back to what I said before, when I mentioned “things” to the gang, they automatically gravitated to answering with BEHAVIOURS. That’s your magic word. Have a look at every answer. Every single answer is a behaviour executed by a client. Not a type of food eaten, not a special diet and not a certain type of exercise.

This brings us to you, the reader. If you’ve gotten this far, you’re probably keen on shedding a few kilos of fat. If we can collate all the trainers’ answers into a summarization of what it takes to lose weight and KEEP it off for good, you need to change your behaviour.

What is holding you back? What poor behaviour do you possess that’s stopping you from reaching your goals? Have a look at all the answers we provided and take a critical evaluation of yourself and see where you can improve yourself. Once the change is made, yes, the body fat comes off, but further to that and FAR more important, you will feel amazing in body AND mind.

If there’s one more thing we can say about the end result of all of our successful long-term clients, they have morphed into incredibly positive people who often times, came from darkness with no hope in sight. They came to us because they ran out of answers. There’s no reason YOU can’t do the same thing if you just make a choice to scrap your unhealthy and unnecessary behaviours.

Yours in health and wellness,