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What was your first thought when you woke up this morning? Was it “I’m so excited for today and I’m SO pumped for my workout” or was it “I didn’t get enough sleep. Ugh. This is going be a long day”.

MINDSET- it’s everything. Change it. We are taught to fear scarcity. Not enough sleep, not enough room in the bed, not enough milk for my coffee, not enough time in the day, not enough time for myself. It all starts in the MIND. These are all things that can be changed with a mindset switch.

The mind will tell you that you don’t have enough energy for the rest of your workout before your body fails. If you’re fuelling your body correctly it takes a loooong time for the body to physically fail.

Think of it like a car. You maintain it all year round; regular service, tyre rotations, fuel, regular washes to stay pretty and so on. The car itself is in great shape. However if you’re an absolute psychotic mess behind that wheel, the car is far more likely to hit a curb or slam into a pole and all that pristine maintenance means nothing.

You have complete control of the state of your mind. You may not be able to control circumstances but you can certainly control your REACTION to circumstances. Stop living in scarcity. You have more than enough of everything – that includes control. You have enough control to change the way you think, every single day.