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Let’s use Mr Clueless Clarke as an example. Mr Clueless Clarke just cannot understand why he’s not losing weight. He makes his way down to Coles or woolies every Sunday and does his regular grocery shop. In his trolley he’s got an abundance of all the “good” stuff (or so he thinks)! Everything is Fat free and he can’t wait to get stuck into his supposed healthy meals for the week.

He gets home, prepares his meals and away we go. He goes to gym, does a good workout, comes home and has dinner but rewards himself with a “healthy” good size serving of ice cream. The label says “99% Fat free!!”… PERFECT!!! In fact, because it’s 99% Fat free, good ol’ Clarke decides to have a second helping, all the while not realizing that every spoon full is loaded with 8g of sugar. By the end of his treat, he’s consumed 40g of sugar which is now 10-15g over the recommended intake for a male OVER THE ENTIRE DAY!! The fella goes to sleep and repeats the same process.

3 months later, he’s perplexed. He can’t put two and two together! Not only has he not lost weight but he’s PUT on 2kg’s! He hears about BMB’s accountability program (hehe) and begins his campaign. When broken down into segments, it turns out Clarkey boy is mindlessly consuming 125g per day, nearly 6 times more the recommended daily consumption!!!

The moral of the story: Without even realizing, companies have perfectly mastered the art of appealing to our brain! The moment we see “FAT FREE”, we make the assumption that’s it’s healthy. Great! They’ve taken away the fat, yet the product still tastes so good.. why? It’s obvious! They’ve loaded the food with more sugar to compensate for the horrendous taste of no fat! Take away fat AND sugar and you’re left with.. well, what tastes like dust! So our message to you is CHECK THE NUTRIENT LABEL before consuming. Your next kilogram could be as easy as cutting out 2 products that claim to be fat free! If it’s says anything more than 8g of sugar per 100grams of content.. put it back on the shelf. It’s hard, yes.. but the results are worth it. They always are!!!!

BE CAREFUL EVERYONE! Have a marvelous and nutritious day!!!!!