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Tracy “G-Buns” Goodbun


I started at BMB because I heard some friends talking about these awesome guys who were running a different type of concept to which I thought “hmm, maybe this is something I could do”.

I was a professional couch potato and after watching my friends’ fitness thrive over a space of 6 months, I decided was going to do it!

My goals before starting were simply to get fitter as I was terribly unfit! So I thought id start of with some cardio sessions per week and see how I go from there. Heading into my 50th year I figured its not going to get any easier and keeping up with m 14 year old son was becoming a challenge!

You always feel like a family when coming in. The team always say hello and you’re not just another number. After 6 months I was talked into doing the toning classes which I was apprehensive about but I felt by doing the stremgth/weight component has really made a difference in my strength and my body shape has started to change.

After 18 months im now firmer, fitter, down 10kg’s and I am no longer requiring medication for my dodgy knee. My body not letting me down anymore.. I feel GREAT! You have nothing to lose! You will be cared for by the guys and girls and it’s a lot of fun!