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Sonya “Tinglz” Criddle


I’m a mid wife and mother of two. Those that know me would know that ive battled with fitness and weightloss all my life. As a child growing up, I was always big and at my highest in my teens I was 89kilos and a size 18.

My goal when joining BMB was to lose 5kg’s, build muscle and develop a strong core which they have helped immensely with. They have helped me refine my diet helping me boost my energy to sustain my days and my sessions.

Ive achieved the goals I set out to achieve. Dropped the weight, built a lot of muscle and core strength which has particularly helped my on going back issue.

Weightloss and fitness is a lifestyle change and not a quick fix. It’s about being in a good positive frame of mind that only you can control. The support, the environtment and the team space at BMB is second to none. You’re not just a number!