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Sheree “Shez” DeCelis


BMB is a gym which I heard about through friends which had told me this is different to most gyms which I was quite cynical about as I had been going to gyms for many years but I thought “why not” as I was wanting to take my fitness to another level… so I thought id come down and give it a shot! I haven’t looked back!

My goals were to lose a bit of weight.. about 5 or 6 kilos.. wanted to tone and just wanted to have fun!!

The environment that the trainers have created here is second to none! They push you to a level that one cant be pushed to when training by themselves which is a great feeling!! The other thing they help with was that even though I ate OK.. I didn’t understand much about nutrition and portion sizes so they’ve helped me get a better understanding of what I should be eating to help lose the couple of kilos! But what keeps me coming back is the fact that everyone cares about you!!

I have so far made lots of friendships!! I consistently come 3 to 4 times a week which is fantastic because I’m seeing results with the 30 minute session concept as I’m very time poor, having 2 kids, working and running a household. I’ve lost the 6 kilos and also taking inches off places you just don’t want to hold fat on!

I feel extremely confident and happy.. and for the first time in a long time I can see that I am a positive role model for my sons!!

My message to anyone that are wanting to try something different and to have fun getting fit, give it a go! There are no excuses. We are all time poor but my moto is “your health is the most important thing.. if you don’t have that, you have nothing. Take the time for your self. Come down and develop those friendships and have fun! you won’t look back!!!