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Sally “Kiwi” Shields


I was referred to BMB by one of my friends who was raving how amazing it is! So I joined. I had put on weight over the past few years and wanted to feel better about myself. I was unfit and unhealthy so I wanted to try something new and get on track!

BMB supported me, pushed me along when I haven’t felt like carrying on during a working out and they’ve also kept me accountable.

Ive lost 15 kilos in about 8 months and only exercising 3 times a week with a little bit of walking and running outside the gym as well as making changes to my nutritional habits which has resulted in me feeling amazing! Especially with 2 dress sizes down!

If you want you to make the change, come to BMB.. they will motivate and support you a long the way! If I can do it, you can do it too!