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Nikki “Nik” Walker


I had a love affair with food, I’ll admit it, it was a bad relationship, at first it would satisfy but eventually it hurt…

I had a love affair with food, I’ll admit it, it was a bad relationship, at first it would satisfy but eventually it hurt. My parents were desperate for me to be healthy and despaired over the years at my ever increasing size. They offered me weight watchers, trainers, gym memberships… anything in the effort to help. I would yo yo up and down on every diet plan or pill available getting more and more defeated each time. I would lose some weight but that only lasted a short while. I realise now that I only did it to make others or my parents happy. Each time I would gain it all back and then some! I reached my heaviest in my late early 30’s, where I chose to have drastic bariatric surgery, thinking that it would “fix” my problems. Whilst I did lose a lot of weight, I eventually put it back on, and on top of that I had health problems as a result of the surgery. I don’t know what it was that finally made me decide I had to change? I think the turning point was last christmas in London where all of the family came together for Christmas. I should have been happy but I wasn’t. I was devastated by what I looked like and was depressed. I realised I had been depressed for many years.. but not in a way that I couldnt function or hide from others. I hated what I looked like, I watched my daughter stuggle with food and I wanted to lock myself away from friends and family.

I think it was then that I decided I could not continue this way. It was not long after that a work friend suggested “bodymbrace”. I met Greg and Seth and their passion to help really resonated with me. Greg and Seth are caring and supportive, but most of all they are honest. They said this would have to be a permanent change…forever. My reasons for joining were to be happier and healthier, but most importantly to be a role model for my daughter and to be around when she has children. I was skeptical that it would work, but here I am 30kg lighter and so appreciative that they helped saved my life. I am finally feeling happy for the first time in a long time and like most bad relationships my love affair with food has ended. Instead I now have a healthy respect for what food does to fuel my body. This is the new me…forever! I hope that in reading my story it will resonate with people who were like me. Please join bodymbrace if you want the tools to change your life.