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Kendra “Kenny” Mulatz


It must be acknowledged that not all success stories come with weight loss. Yes weight loss is very visual and we like to be “wowed” by transformational content. But what about all the other things that are considered to be a success? Such as never missing a training sessions, feeling more confident, becoming stronger, becoming fitter, becoming healthier and happier and being a role model to your children, partner and those closest to you.

Our AMAZING Kenny has achieved all these things and more. She walks through our doors at 6am 4 times a week without fail. Her consistency alone is something to be admired. Not to mention, this Canadian pocket rocket always rocks up with a great attitude, and a work ethic that is truly admirable. We highly doubt she ever leaves a session feeling like she could have pushed herself a little further. If you’ve seen this chick workout, you know how STRONG she is – and visually, she packs some serious muscle on that little body of hers!