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Helen “HelenV” Vogiatzakis


I originally joined Body MBrace because I wanted to get some exercise consistency into my life and the way they hold you accountable to attend your sessions really appealed to me. The moment you walk into this place you can really feel the energy, not just the trainers but the other members as well. The trainers are motivated, driven and passionate about what they do. Most importantly they are really supportive. Even on days that I felt like I wanted to quit, they pushed me through to keep going and I am so grateful for that. My goals before joining were to increase my fitness levels and try to get back to my ‘pre-children’ weight. Now two years later, I am as fit and strong as I have ever been in my life. I have also got down to my pre-pregnancy weight which I am so excited about. What I am most surprised about is that fact that I am still coming to the gym consistently. I never thought I would be able to do that but there is something special about this place that keeps me coming back and I am so happy I decided to join.