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Christine “C-Mach” Cosmo


After weeks of deliberation, I finally booked myself in to see the guys at Body MBrace as I had low bone density and could do with losing a few kilos. From the moment I walked into the gym I felt comfortable. The team listened to my concerns and always answered my queries with regards to weight loss and diet. They continually gave me with factual information about what I needed to do to achieve my goals. I began to actually enjoy exercising and loved the variety of exercises that I was doing. The more results I saw, the harder I began to train. I never believed it when people used to say it, but exercise actually makes me feel energised. I now always feel as though I have so much energy, whereas in the afternoons before I joined the studio, I would always feel lethargic and the last thing I wanted to do was to exercise. Now I can’t get enough of it. After six months at BMB, it was time for another bone density scan. Great news, my bone density had increased and improved which was a result of my exercising and resistance training. I have now achieved my goal weight loss of 22kg. I feel so much healthier, my diet has improved and I am motivated. I can’t thank the team enough for their support and encouragement. You guys rock.