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Claudia “Claudz” Dattilo


Eight months ago I decided to join Body MBrace because I needed to do something positive for myself. I was never confident with how I looked and it affected me with simple things like clothes shopping, buying a dress for an event or when summer came around and I needed a new bikini. BMB radiates happiness and empowerment and I decided that was the place I needed to be to achieve my goals. Initially I was dead set on only wanting to see the scales go down. I thought that if the scales weren’t going down, then I wasn’t losing weight. The trainers have drilled it into me that that the scales don’t tell the full story of what is going on with my body. I have only lost a few kilos on the scale, but I have gained a heap of muscle. I am so happy with the way my body looks now. I now don’t rely on the scales to tell me how I am progressing. I look in the mirror and that is satisfying enough for me. BMB have taught me so much. I have gone from eating two big meals a day to eating three meals and two snacks a day. I am eating more and losing weight. They have taught me to live a happy and healthy lifestyle that I am now obsessed with. I never realised how much BMB would impact my life and I am so grateful for it.