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Lindsy “Linds” Henshall


I joined Body MBrace because I wanted to BE FIT! I’ve never really felt fit and I wanted to achieve that. I was overweight when I first joined so I thought if I got fit, I’d lose weight and kill two birds with one stone.

I’ve always been sporty, though I’ve never been very good. But my fitness has always been good. So really getting up my core strength and fitness as well as having a decent pair of legs that looked good in short shorts, that was always an objective of mine which I wasn’t achieving on my own so I decide to try something different.

BMB has kept me accountable when I didn’t feel like being accountable. It’s provided guidance, enthusiasm and there’s always been an abundance of support and faith in me when I didn’t have that faith in myself.

To date, I’ve lost more than 20kg. I’m much more confident than I was. I’m more focused, positive, sleep better and I’m not as irritable as I was as a result of joining. I haven’t even reached my full potential yet. I’m still going to keep working at it. My mental health has improved dramatically. I feel I’m in control of my emotions which I haven’t been in recent times.

If you’re thinking your confidence and fitness is lacking or your clothes are too tight, just get up and give it a go. When I arrived I was self conscious about what people thought of me which is simply not the case in the BMB environment. You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.