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This graphic pertains to literally anything and everything in life from your diet to your relationships.

Nothing in life will be handed to you. Stop scrolling through Instagram and saying “I wish I had abs like this person” and DO something about it. Don’t sit there and say “well they probably don’t have kids, they probably don’t have to work, they probably have a maid doing all their work for them.” How do you know that??? Are you making up this story in your head just to feel better about yourself? Are you making up this story just to validate your own shortcomings? Chances are, that person probably worked pretty bloody hard to get those abs and turned down a whole lot of temptations in the process. They probably took INITIATIVE and RESPONSIBILITY. The likelihood of them sitting around saying “well I have kids so I can’t do anything” is pretty bloody low.

We all have circumstances. We all have shitty days. We all have crap that gets in the way of our plans. We’ve all been through depression of some kind. Just when you think someone’s life is perfect, you can bloody bet they’ve been through some kind of major trauma. The difference between those who rise above “the shit” and the ones who don’t, are the ones who understand they have the power to control their reaction to circumstances. There’s some circumstances you’ll never be able to control, but you have 100% complete control over your reaction and your power to rise above.

So what does this have to do with BMB? If we don’t sound like a broken record yet, we will after this post…. STOP. MAKING. EXCUSES. You’re an adult. Nobody is going to hold your hand to your goal weight. Nobody is going to push you in a pram to the gym. If YOU don’t take initiative, don’t expect to see results.

Being empowered, taking initiative, being brave and taking responsibility is hard. It makes you feel very vulnerable. At the same time, the guilt and frustration of eating your feelings is hard, depression is hard, being puffed after 3 stairs is hard, not being able to do up a pair of pants is hard.

So we pose the question once again. What’s harder? Pick your hard. It’s up to you.