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Read your labels! This particular item, according to the packet is “vegan, sugarless, dairy free, gluten free and guilt free”.

Now we’re not going to tell you what product this is because we don’t want to throw a small company under the bus. We understand their intentions as they try to market a healthier product, and we appreciate that. We would never tell you to NOT eat something as we believe in moderation and portion control. This is simply to address how a label can be very misleading.

One of these bars is about the size of the palm of your hand. There are two bars in these packet. An average person could down both of these bars in 5 minutes, no problem. Read the label VERY carefully and try to figure out what they’ve done.

We’ll give you a hint. This snack pack contains 1,232 calories for both bars and a whopping 102.8 grams of fat. This is equivalent to eating 6 whole avocados. This is equivalent to eating half a jar of peanut butter. This contains the same amount of calories as 5 Mars bars and has more calories than an entire packet of Tim Tams.

Yikes. Don’t get fooled by cleverly designed labels! Vegan and ketogenic dieters especially, beware of eating out and buying packaged foods. Both diets tend to lean towards more fat consumption, which is far more calorie dense than protein and carbohydrate.

We would never discourage a certain way of eating if that’s what makes you feel your best and is 100% sustainable for you, for the rest of your life – just be smart about it! ?