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“Ok I had cake but the rest of it was pretty healthy!” ?

If this is your mindset, you’re likely setting yourself up for failure if weight loss is your goal. You must be realistic. You must be honest with yourself. Social situations are very difficult, especially when there’s plenty of food to graze on for several hours at a time. It can add up extremely quickly.

If you have a day like the one in the picture, go home and say “oh I didn’t eat THAT bad” you are going to be in for quite the emotional roller coaster the next time you step on the scale and wonder why it hasn’t moved. You MUST be honest with yourself. In order to achieve fat loss, you must be in a calorie deficit and days like the one pictures simply can’t happen.

Solution? Make sure you’re nice and full before you go to these type of events. Have a big green salad with lots of protein before you head out the door. Pick 2-3 small munchies to eat very slowly at the event if you don’t want to be “that person”, and of course, avoid the sweets and alcohol.

Mindlessly loading up on snacks and going back for seconds, thirds and fourths will add up extremely quickly.

A VERY common thing we hear from clients is “I’m really good Monday thru Friday, but I relax a bit on the weekends”. If significant fat loss is you’re goal, you’re not ready to relax on the weekends. And this is why:

Just two events like this in one weekend adds and extra average of 917 calories to your day in one week. If you’re on a 1500 calorie plan – that bumps you up to 2417 calories per day. If you’re burning about 2000 calories a day with exercise, you are actually going to to gain weight thanks to those two social outings.

Please be mindful in these situations! Awareness is key, you’ve got to take responsibility and be completely honest with yourself if you want results. ?