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We all have them. Things that get in our way. As trainers, we often get looked at like life is easy. We get told that we don’t have children, and we don’t have issues. LOL. Oh boy, if you wanna talk issues! ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♂️??‍♂️ Which is why we are so open about mental health at BMB. We all have been through shit, we all have daily shit, and we know everyone’s shit. BUT we make a conscious choice to properly navigate our barriers, and we try to teach you to do the same.

Our first point is to never judge…. because although we rock up to your sessions with beaming smiles, sometimes, it’s a choice we have to make and not necessarily a reflection of how we are feeling.

Our second point, you’ve likely already read through the image. I took this example from the comment section of an exercise physiologist that I follow on Instagram – so they are indeed real people. Both similar situations, but person 2 had chosen to work around her barriers, rather than let them stop her. Person 1, with some work, could likely navigate her barriers, but has made a conscious decision not to.

We want to get away from the word “excuses” because it sounds cold. Life happens to all of us, we all get things that stand in our way. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US. There are zero exceptions to that rule. How you choose to navigate your barriers, is completely up to you. And if you’re lost, don’t ever be afraid to ask for help from someone you trust (and who will be very honest with you) ❤️

We would love to hear how YOU mums choose (or have chosen in the past) to navigate your barriers with children. Please comment below! You never know who you could be helping ❤️