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Coconut yogurt is a dairy free alternative to its cow milk counterpart. How does it taste? Yeah pretty good! But I think anything with 21 grams of fat per 100 grams would be yummy!

This little container (very sneakily tweaked on the nutrition label, I might add – per 100g in a 125g container…..) contains 279 calories and 27 grams of fat. A salad loaded with veggies, olive oil, vinegar, chicken breast and avocado would tally up to around the same amount of calories. What do you think is going to fill you up for longer, and provide you with more nutrients?

On top of that, this little coconut yogurt could take up more than half of your total fat intake for the entire DAY! When designing meal plans, we would prescribe an average sized female (say 60-70kg) anywhere from 40-70g of fat per day, depending on their goals. And this little guy has a heaping 27 grams!! Yikes! Doesn’t leave room for much else.

Are we saying this is unhealthy? No. It’s better than a whopper, that’s for sure. This is simply to create awareness that some things that may seem like the “healthier” option, actually contain heaps of calories. Coconut is one of those things to watch out for- just like nuts. Consume mindfully! At 9 calories per gram, fat is much more calorie dense than protein or carbohydrate, which sit at 4 calories per gram. ? #themoreyouknow