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If you take anything away from this post, take this analogy:

A patient at the hospital goes in for surgery. When do you think the doctor will administer pain killers? Right when the patient starts feeling pain, hours after they wake up? No, they will administer pain killers 3 hours before the patient can feel any kind of pain. They will give the patient a steady stream of pain killers to make the recovery process as bearable as possible.

Think about that with your food. Give yourself a constant stream of energy before your body has a chance to go “IM STARVING” and you eat everything in sight, tossing back ALL the calories.

The snack ideas in the photo contain at least TWO of the three macronutrients (carbs, fat, protein). This ensures satiation, a moderate insulin response and slow, steady digestion. Always be conscious of your portion sizes, especially with nuts and nut butters. 10-12 normal sized nuts is typically the ideal portion size. (Bigger ones like Brazil nuts are a bit different). Use the tip of your thumb (knuckle upwards) to gauge what a serving of nut butter looks like and to determine what is appropriate for you. ?