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Little pickers are bound to wear bigger knickers!

What you see in this image would be classified as pretty healthy food. It’s so often that we hear “I eat healthy but I’m not losing weight, and I exercise so much!” Healthy or not, the laws of thermodynamics will never change. A calorie, simply a unit of energy, will never change it’s composition being healthy or not healthy.

First off, this little plate of “picking” will take you about 3 half hour HIIT sessions to burn off. So “exercising so much” isn’t gonna do anything if you’re doing this kind of munching everyday.

Secondly, if you put it into perspective with your current diet…. which you may seem to believe is 1200, 1500 etc. – well, add these munchies in and you’re at the very least going to maintain your weight, if not gain very slowly.

Take it one step further and if you are a mindless muncher, you forget about all these handfuls of food, AND you treat yourself to a glass of wine in the evening, a small chocolate and a “cheat meal” or even worse a “cheat day” on the weekend…. well, then you’re really screwed.

We challenge you to track your food very closely for a week without munching, snacking or treating ONCE and see what happens to your weight just after that one week. It should really put your “diet” into perspective.

Be honest with your intake CONSISTENTLY and you will be surprised how quickly your habits will change. #nomoremunching