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Reellaaaaaxxxx ??‍♀️

When we put people on a meal plan, we try to give them as much flexibility as possible. Yes, we give weights and portion sizes but they are simply a guide to transition you back into the intuitive mindset. Intuitive eating is a VERY important concept to grasp. Weighing your food for the rest of your life isn’t exactly ideal (or normal). Neither is being on a meal plan.

As we get fatter, our portion distortion is at its peak, and our hunger and fullness signals are completely screwed up. We want to help you find those again. But if you go and binge on the weekends and blow out at social events, you’re right back at square one. You’ve screwed up those signals and habits that we are working hard to reset.

So that brings us to the point on people either A. Having a meltdown when a social event or holiday comes up or B. Using it as an excuse (let’s be realistic- nobody is tying you up and force feeding you. YOU are the one making this decision)

We all know WHAT to eat. Choose the bloody apple over the donut. Eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full. Don’t freak out over social events or vacations. In fact, use it as a time to practice your intuitive eating skills. Use it as a challenge to see if the portions you’ve been so carefully weighing out, are equivalent to your intuitive approach with food. Eat slowly and mindfully and stop when you’re about 7 out of 10 full. Want a treat? Have it. Have a few bites until your satisfied. Don’t blow out to the point where you’re waking up in a diabetic shock at 3am. Want a drink? Have one. Don’t have 10.

Dieting really boils down to using your best intuitive judgment. Social events are never going to go away so it’s up to you to learn what you need to do to manage those situations. How badly you want to achieve your goals? Dieting is hard. Exercise is hard. Being fat is hard. Pick your hard