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The moment you fall off the wagon when it comes to your fitness and health goals, take a moment to reset. Sit down and remember this word: INTEGRITY.

The moment you give up on your commitment that you made to yourself, you are out of integrity. Integrity, by definition, is “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles”. Is this not what you teach your kids? Is this not what you expect from your loved ones? We’re going to guess the answer is yes. So why don’t you expect the same from yourself, to yourself? Practice what you preach, and practice what you expect from others around you.

Integrity goes hand in hand with honesty. Nobody likes a dishonest person. The moment you fall out of integrity with the promise you made to yourself- you can expect other around you to lose integrity towards you. It works both always. If this is your 4th, 5th time giving up and not sticking to your word – don’t expect support from others. “Here we go again” is what you should expect to hear based on your previous inconsistency.

The moment you stop caring – is the moment everyone else stops caring. Your partner, your best friends, your kids, your coach, your trainer will give up on you the moment you give up on yourself. Read that again, and let it sink in. Don’t expect to be spoon fed. Don’t expect integrity from others if you don’t have integrity for yourself.

It’s time to live with integrity and fulfill the promise you made to yourself. Stay committed, stay consistent and stop looking for excuses and sympathy. You are far more likely to find support through integrity rather than sympathy.

Integrity is invigorating! Sympathy is draining for yourself and everyone around you.

Take a long hard look at yourself – are you living with 100% integrity? When you have a moment of despair, remember this word and remember this quote, and think twice about how you’re going to react. ?