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Uma Unprepared exercises 5 days a week and swears that, although she doesn’t have time to prepare, she still makes healthy choices during her work day. However, she’s been steadily gaining weight. Living in denial, she swears it must just be muscle mass even though her pants are getting tighter due to her ever expanding tummy roll. Uma is a hard working wife and mum with 3 children and tends to worry more about her husband and kids rather than herself.

What Uma doesn’t realize is that the moment she starts neglecting her own nutrition and health, the crappier she feels when she does get to spend quality time with her family. The way Uma eats causes major spikes and surges in her blood sugar causing her to be moody and irritable. By the time she sees her family at night, she is annoyed by even the slightest little peep from any one of them. At the same time, Uma is frustrated with herself and her tummy roll and starts blaming the rest of the family for her being unable to reach her goals. Uma needs to start focusing on herself a little bit more, so she can be a better mum and wife- and set an example for the rest of the family.

From 6am to 1pm, all Uma has is a muffin and coffee. Hello blood sugar rise and crash. Her sushi meal that she grabs in a moment of starvation causes her blood sugar to spike again. At this point, she thinks “hmmm what have I eaten today, not much at all, maybe like 500 calories, I better grab a snack before the gym!” At 4:00 she leaves work and grabs something quick before she heads to Body MBrace. Her favourite cafe has homemade energy balls which she loves before a workout. She grabs 3. She has no idea how high in calories they are but she figures they are healthy so it doesn’t matter, plus she’ll burn it off at the gym.

By the time Uma gets home, she is exhausted. She pops a frozen lasagna in the oven for the family. She found this gluten free lasagna in the Health food section and figures it’s the healthiest option. She only has a small slice because post-workout she feels like she needs to eat a little less. About an hour after dinner…… the cravings hit hard once again. At this point in life, it’s become a habit for Uma to have her wine and chocolate before bed- a habit she swears she can’t change. She says she’ll only have one piece of chocolate- but she has had a “long day” so she had 5 pieces.

Oh Uma, we have seen so many of your clones over the years. Uma doesn’t realize how simple preparing food for herself can be. 1 hour of cooking and freezing for the week on a Sunday (when she’s probably skulling margaritas with her girlfriends) and an extra 15 minutes of preparation in the morning can make a world of a difference. Uma will need to take initiative and find things the whole family can enjoy. Uma needs to take responsibility and stop blaming the rest of her family for her shortcomings. Once Uma starts eating regular, complete meals throughout the day, she will find those massive cravings for fat and sugar will dissipate. Uma will set a positive example for her family after she takes the initiative to lead by example. She will probably also start to find them a bit more tolerable ?

Can you relate to Uma? Let us know what holds YOU back. Is it your mindset? Is it food? Is it exercise? Is it wanting to punch everyone in the face by the end of the day? We’d love to hear what’s stopping those like Uma from reaching their goals!