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The amount of diets out there is overwhelming. What ever happened to the “balanced” diet? You know the one where you eat mostly whole foods, learn how to eat clean with variety and treat your self MINDFULLY once in a while without blowing out. You know, the lifestyle change that can be sustained for the rest of your life.

Sadly, it’s not marketable. You probably won’t lose a kilo a week. We live in an instant gratification world where people want to lose weight without trying, and when they only see a 200 gram scale loss per week, they get frustrated with themselves and give up.

A whopping 65% of yo-yo dieters regain their weight within 3 years. Only 5% of people who crash diet will keep the weight off permanently.

Changing your life and finding sustainability also requires DISCIPLINE, TIME and PATIENCE. This isn’t instant, this isn’t Uber Eats delivered to your door or a simple press of a button on eBay. It’s a long haul and it’s sure as hell not instant.

Learn the difference between fat, protein and carbohydrate, balance them, and eat 5-6 small meals a day. Don’t under eat. Eat slowly and mindfully. Avoid processed crap, saturated oils, sugar and packaged food. Treat yourself every now and then. That’s it guys, that’s the secret to sustainability! It’s not marketable, but it works.