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Are you amazing with your diet from 9-5 Monday through Friday? That’s great, it doesn’t matter to us when we hear that. At all. It’s actually very easy to commit to this. It’s only 23% of your week and temptation is limited. Most people are “good” during work/school hours.

Do you fall off the wagon during evenings and weekends? If you said yes, then you’re just like everyone else, for the most part. ? It’s no secret, most people give into temptation during these times. Can you enjoy yourself in moderation? Of course!!! That’s what we strive for with every one of our clients.

Now, there’s a caveat there. If you are overweight and trying to lose that weight, you have to understand that you have likely tampered with your satiation, meaning you don’t really know when you’re hungry or full anymore. For the average overweight person, enjoying themselves in moderation is extremely difficult. Can it be done? Yes of course, with consistency and discipline anything is possible. But this is where overweight people tend to give up and throw in the towel. They can’t control themselves and they say “screw it I’ll start Monday”. The thing is, evenings, weekends and temptations aren’t going anywhere so instead of throwing in the towel, maybe it’s time to look in the mirror and assess your behaviour instead of going round and round in the same old depressing, destructive cycle.

So the question remains, how badly do you REALLY want it? If you’ve got some fluff on the tummy but you’re healthy, happy, confident and loving life, then go for it – treat yourself while keeping your body fit and your food mostly nutritious! Nobody said you have to walk around with a shredded six pack.

However, if you’re upset with what you see in the mirror, if you lose sleep over not being able to lose weight, if it’s all you think about- it’s time to get it together. Don’t even think about calories at this stage, just focus on changing your habits. Focus on eating whole nutritious foods and creating a new behavioural pattern during the times that you struggle. If a weekend binge is a habit, that is something that needs to stop immediately. Nobody comes out of a binge thinking “wow that felt good, I really love how I feel and look right now!”

So one last time…. how badly do you REALLY want it????? ?