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If you are on a fat loss journey, you’ve got to keep it simple. The reason why you have gained weight, or can’t lose weight is NOT because you aren’t drinking the right kind of milk. It’s not because the carrots you’re eating are too high in sugar. It’s not because your eggs are too big. It’s not because you’re using butter instead of oil. It’s not because you’re eating 5 meals instead of 6. It’s not because you’re eating carbs at night. It’s simply because you are eating TOO MANY CALORIES! Do you know anyone who is overweight from drinking too much milk, having too many carrots or eating eggs that were too big?

Look at the bigger picture. If you’re still eating processed junk regularly, that’s your problem. It adds up very, VERY fast. Even if you eat relatively clean during the week and you focus on what kind of milk you drink…. you can easily throw it away with a junk food blowout. You can easily throw it away by saying “if I eat this entire packet of Tim tams, or this entire bucket of ice cream… it’ll be gone, out of sight and I’ll start again Monday” … for the 73rd time.

Start simple. Eat clean, avoid too many processed foods, control your portions, stay in a calorie deficit, eat small meals every few hours, treat yourself in moderation, be mindful, eat when your hungry, stop when you’re almost full and exercise regularly. That’s really it. When you get to your goal size, then you can look into “body recomposition” and THATS when you focus on what kind of milk you’re drinking ??