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Is the cheeky sarcasm from the image obvious? ?

These are statements that probably aren’t going to get you bursting through our door, right? However, if we were to advertise “LOSE 10 KILOS IN 8 WEEKS”, we’d be overflowing with people!! Right??

Look, we’ve had clients who have lost 50 kg in a year and kept it up. It definitely DOES happen. But for the average person, that’s usually not how it goes. Weight loss is not a linear process and there are plenty of ups and downs along the way.

We’re not going to promise you 10kg in 8 weeks. We’re not going to promise you a quick reduction in belly fat. If this is what you’re being sold, you should be concerned.

Weight loss takes work. Especially the kind of weight loss that you want to SUSTAIN for the rest of your life. It takes good days and it takes bad days. It takes losing the fat off your big toe before your gut goes down. It takes persistence, resilience, patience and consistency.

Once you find a gym/workout you love, and a sustainable nutrition regimen, you are well on your way.

Don’t punish yourself by doing 1000 crunches a day to lose belly fat. Don’t waste your money on detoxes. Don’t famish yourself by eating 1000 calories a day. Find something ENJOYABLE and SUSTAINABLE that works for you in the LONG TERM!!

The world today loves instant gratification. However, our body doesn’t respond to a click of a button like your phone or tablet. It takes work, it takes effort – so you might as well find a program you enjoy because it’s a long term process, folks! ?